Artist of the Month

Our January/February Artist of the month is
                  Patrick Reagan

     The Artworks will be on the walls at the Marcellus Library from January 20 to February 28. The watercolors are mostly from local upstate New York scenes.

                                 Artist Bio History
Pat was a court reporter in the New York State Court System from 1980 to 2107, working full-time at one time or other in Herkimer, Utica and Syracuse. He Learned court reporting from night school courses held in Syracuse in 1978 and 1979. Of course, hes passed numerous civil service  and professional court reporting certification exams along the way.
      He was a draftsman for the county engineering department for a year in 1979, and a Heavy Equipment Operator in 1978 for the Onondaga Highway Department in Marcellus.

     Pat graduated from Colgate University in 1978 with a BA degree, with a major in Geography. 
     Pat didn't display his Artwork until he was 40 years old (@1995) when he entered one of his watercolors in the County employees On My Own Time (OMOT) contest in 1995, and got second place. For the next 12 years he continued to enter paintings in the (OMOT) contest and continued to move on to the next round, which included displaying the works at the Everson Museum with other OMOT contest winners from other county-wide industry employee winners from such places as Upstate Hospital, Syracuse City Schools, or King & King Architects.
      Earlier paintings, not displayed in this show were drawn from photographs from scenes he had visited on vacation in fare off places. (That first watercolor was of St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy that Pat had used for a Christmas card.)

      Pat's recently become a member of the Syracuse Urban Sketchers Club. Urban Sketchers member Bill Elkins recently displayed his work at the Macellus Free Library in early 2019.
      Pat had taken an architecture rendering course at OCC in 1974, and a watercolor not-for-credit course at OCC in 1994. Every year since 1995, he's done a Christmas card from one of his paintings. (Syracuse Blue Print, owned by Marcellus resident Carl Nye, has exclusively printed those cards up.)  He Learned to mat and frame his paintings by for presentation in the OMOT County contests.
       Pat  has also displayed his works at the Solvay Library, Hazard Library in Syracuse, and a previous time 15-20 years ago at the Marcellus Library.
      Pat's the son of Bernie and Ruth Anne Reagan, who also had a recent early 2019 show at the Marcellus Library.

Patrick J. Reagan

If you have artwork that you would like to display at the library, contact Robin at