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Artists for August -

“Drawing was always a part of my daily life growing up. I think it helped me express and record my thoughts and feelings in a way words could not. I spent most of my time outdoors running around the nearby neighborhoods and parks, loving the fresh air and all of nature, and something in me just wanted to capture the moments. Watercolor is the perfect medium for me; it’s quick, colorful, portable, easy to clean up (a must!) and caters to my ever-changing choice of subject matter - birds, flowers, animals, bugs, people, weddings, etc. I can paint outdoors and transport myself back to good old childhood in any season. I love to paint what excites me and continue to experiment with techniques and materials that relay that feeling, such as inks, liquid acrylics, and scrapping paint with old credit cards and twigs. My work can be found on my website at:”

August Artist

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